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Lionhead Rabbits

Long time no post!  Yes… it has been an interesting year.  I will be blogging more about it on my personal blog.   Erynn will be taking over much of everything for the next batches of baby lionhead rabbits.  She had been caught up with her end of senior year activities.

Here are the baby bunnies that we have ready to go to their new homes now.

All are pedigreed lionhead rabbits – some are out of Dolly and Joffrey and some are out of Myla and Joffrey.  (I will be updating the blog as well here shortly as we have some new breeding does and bucks to post updated pictures of.

Some of these are not available (I’m waiting on two decision to be made which I think are over the harlequins) – so check with me at if you are interested.

First up – the does.


This is a harlequin doe that is blue base (she is diluted).

harlequin lionhead rabbit blue base

harlequin lion head rabbit

harlequin lionhead rabbit dilute

This is a regular harlequin doe

harlequin lionhead rabbitharlequin lionhead rabbitharlequin lion head rabbit


This is a blue tort doe

blue tort lionhead rabbitblue tort lion head rabbitblue tort lionhead


This is blue magpie doe

magpie lionhead breeder marylandmagpie lionhead rabbitmagpie lionhead maryland


This is (teddy bear) sable point marten

teddy bear lionhead rabbitsable point marten lionheadsable point marten lionheadteddy bear lionhead



This is sable point buck

sable point lionheadsable point lion head rabbitsable point lionhead rabbit


This is a sable point marten buck

sable point marten lionheadsable point lionhead rabbitsable point marten lionhead


This is


Lionhead Babies for Sale – Maryland

Our Spring 2016 litters are ready to go!   I’m not showing every last one here because we have quite a few, but this is a taste (and count) of what we currently have.  We are in Northern Harford County Maryland.  Please contact me at to schedule a time to meet up (I do occasionally meet in other areas as well for pickup).

Price is $40 or (2) for $70.

red eyed whiteThis is a red-eyed-white.   They are super fluffy and these ones are 1/4 lop and 3/4 lionhead (same with the chinchilla colored below – affectionately called “Boosh Babies” as their mom is the Mighty Boosh – all others are full lionheads with pedigrees).

Red-eyed white from the side – they have really interesting pink eyes.  We have does and bucks in this color.




chinchillaThis is a new color for us – Chinchilla.  This is a doe lionlop – super cute and super fluffy. (VC)

chinchillaregAnother chinchilla color… we love the ears.  This is a buck (VC)

fawnThis is another new color for us – fawn.  We have two bucks that are fawn.  They have nice round faces and hair almost completely covers their eyes.

black vm small faceThis is a buck –  pedigreed lionhead vienna-marked with blue eyes.

blue tortVery cute face – this is our only blue tort.  Buck.  Very cool color.  Pedigreed lionhead.

bewBlue Eyed White pedigreed lionheads – we have two bucks, two does.

black tort


Black Tort pedigreed lionheads – we have two bucks and one doe.

bluefawnLast but not least – another new color for us.  Pedigreed blue fawn doe.  What a great color!


….again, contact or text 443.299.2752 to schedule a pickup or a look!









Lionhead Babies – Professional Photo Shoot #2

Our first three litters of 2016 – they are now a week old.  If you are interested in these babies, they will be ready to go by the end of March.  We will do our best to figure out their genders in six weeks.

A new color to our rabbitry – blue!



Below – we just had to do this…. it’s referencing for those who don’t remember this from years ago…. 🙂



Another new color for us – blue tort!







This is Blue Girl’s litter…. these have half of a pedigree (we do not have a pedigree on Blue, but we have one on Thor, her father).

From what we can see, we have one black, one blue, two blue torts, and three black torts.



These next ones are Khaleesi and Thors (full pedigree)…  We have two blue VCs, two blue torts, two black torts, and a black VM.



These are Dolly and Stormageddon’s (half pedigree) –  It appears we have two sables, two black VM otters, one dark otter that we are unsure of the color, a black VC, and a black otter.   Her last litter only had one otter – we are floored that there are so many.  You can see the two on the outside that are very tiny – those, Erynn is now hand raising.




Orphaned Baby Rabbits

What a blizzard…. We were hit with quite the blizzard this weekend….

norrisville maryland

The three does had very healthy litters last week.  There were no dead kits, and each mom had a perfect nest, and were caring well for them.  However, Erynn found two orphaned kits from Dolly last night.  Sometimes this happens.  They were kicked out of the nest.  It’s strange to see, but these two were not thriving – they were smaller than the rest even though they all started out the same.  If you look at the gray/blue one, you can see a shrunken wrinkled belly.  This indicates that he/she was not being fed enough.  None of the other five in this litter look like this.

ophraned-rabbitsThe only thing we can think of is that Dolly is not producing enough milk for all seven.  The other litters are fat and healthy.  Erynn took the two orphans and flipped Dolly over and forced her to nurse.  They nursed frantically, but not enough to fill them.  They were not satisfied and continued to be restless.  Because Khaleesi’s litter is super fat and healthy, Erynn flipped Khaleesi over and had her nurse the orphans.  They were nice and full.  Erynn will continue to do this until they are ready for solid food.

Why don’t you just put them in with another litter?  We could.  However, they only have 8 nipples.  We could put one of the orphans in with Khaleesi and one with Blue Girl – but, they are so much smaller, we are afraid they won’t be able to vie for that last spot.  We can also insure that they are being fed several times a day if we do it our way, and help them catch up to all the others.

So put them in with another litter when they catch up?  By the time they do catch up, we are risking the others rejecting as they may be too old for an easy transition.  So what will we do?  Erynn will just be handling them separately and in our house.  Currently, she is carrying them around in a pouch to keep them cozy and warm.  They are doing really well.  Very active.

runt-rabbitBut look at the size difference between another one in the same litter.   They all began the same size.

Now  we know that we will never breed Dolly without another rabbit also bred.  When Dolly has more than five kits, we will probably move some to another litter since Blue Girl and Khaleesi do not seem to have a problem with larger litters.  Or, we will just be vigilant and intervene when necessary.

Why not bottlefeed?  Bottle feeding baby rabbits is not a good idea unless it is last resort.  I have personally tried to raise a few wild litters and was very careful about feeding, etc., and still lost all but one.  When there is mother’s milk available, it is better to utilize it.

We handle our babies a lot, but one perk of now hand-raising these orphans is that they will be handled even more than the others.


Check out the video of “force nursing” with Dolly.   Have you ever seen a rabbit nurse?  I haven’t!  Not until now anyway.

Not sure Dolly is thrilled to be forced to nurse

A video posted by Jodie Holstein Otte (@jodieotte) on

Khaleesi is being pretty patient and allowing these two to nurse on her.  I don’t think she’s happy about it, but at least she is letting it happen.

I have to give a little shout out to my daughter.  As soon as Erynn found the two orphans outside the nest, she immediately took Dolly and flipped her – she didn’t bother consulting me, but she didn’t need to – this girl has already researched scenarios such as these and knew exactly what to do.  I’m a very proud momma!  🙂

Erynn has Khaleesi being a part time wet nurse for Dolly’s two orphans.

A video posted by Jodie Holstein Otte (@jodieotte) on

Three healthy litters!

The recent births….


newborn-rabbitsI wanted to get this out earlier, and if you follow my instagram or my facebook account, you may already know about all of this, so let’s recap….

Blue Girl was the first to have her litter.  Sunday afternoon (January 17, 2015), Erynn found seven beautiful little babies in Blue Girl’s nest.  They are nice and healthy and look like little pigs – way different than Boosh’s premature litter here.


The fact that Blue Girl gave birth 3 days after Boosh definitely concludes that Boosh’s litter was premature.


newborn-lionheadThis is what these little ones are supposed to look like – plump and dry.  Boosh’s babies were very thin and sticky.  Sticky is the word I would have to describe for them.  Their skin was not ready to see the light of day.  The little ones stuck together and had to be gently pried apart.  I know that sounds terrible, but these articles are meant to be informative as well.  It was so nice to feel these plump, warm, and dry newborns…

We do handle the babies within the first day or two.  We want the does to continue to trust us, and we want the little ones to get used to human smells.  After all, they are meant to be handled as pets.


Khaleesi had at least six.

A video posted by Jodie Holstein Otte (@jodieotte) on

By Sunday evening, we noticed Khaleesi was frantically building her nest.  Erynn and I sat quietly in the rabbit house and watched her (Khaleesi doesn’t get phased by people around – she is a really great mother).   She turned her back to us birthed – guess what?  Another seven (we counted later) Check out the video above of the last one scrambling for heat….


Dolly gave birth overnight to – another SEVEN!  What are the chances that all four of the does would each have seven litters?

Erynn had to move Dolly and Khaleesi’s nests into the nesting boxes (because of this past fall’s surprise litters from them, they had birthed in the corners and must think that’s the place to birth as Blue Girl had no problem using the nesting box we provided.

All three mothers were doing a great job.  It has gotten very cold in Maryland.  I will do an article on our winterizing in the future.  They pulled out a lot of fur and covered their little ones and have been attentive.  Dolly is still her odd standoffish self, but Blue Girl and Khaleesi have exceeded our expectations.