The Rabbits

lionhead kits


These are our Lionhead   – bucks and does.


King Joffrey (sable point buck) – Joffrey is tiny.  He is probably the smallest lionhead I have ever seen.  He brings “tiny” and “small ears” into our line.

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Stormageddon Dark Lord of All (black VM buck) – Stormageddon was our first lionhead buck.  Although pedigreed, we suspect he may be single maned; however, matched with our girls, we always get double mane out of them.  He brings a very sweet temperament to our line.  He keeps his cage so clean, you’d swear he is not a rabbit!  He has been the best litter trained rabbit we have ever had.  Although Stormageddon’s pedigree stated he was black when we purchased him, we suspect he may actually be a self chinchilla.


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Big Chief Whoolabum Boomalackaway (self chinchilla VM buck) – Big Chief is a home grown buck.  He is out of Stormageddon and Dolly.  He has a super sweet temperament and gives us surprise colors.  It took a long time to figure out what color he was.  He started out an iridescent brown.  Erynn finally figured out he was self chinchilla.

self chinchilla lionhead

Thor God of Thunder (black tort buck) – Thor has a beautiful square head.  He gives our line this wonderful wide forehead and great head fluff.

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Khaleesi Mother of Rabbits (blue-eyed white doe) – Khaleesi is the best momma-rabbit you could ever imagine.   She takes in and feeds any fosters that other does cannot handle.  She has saved many newborn bunny lives.   She also produced one litter of one in the middle of winter and kept that baby alive, fat, healthy, and warm.  She just about pulled out every last bit of fur to put on top of the nest.  She knew he did not have any other siblings to keep him warm and that was her duty.  Khaleesi adds great temperament and blue eyes/VM to our line.

blue eyed white lionhead

Dolly Wells (sable point marten doe) – Dolly was our first doe and brings some robust fluff, especially great skirts, to our line as well as some beautiful colors.  We simply love this face!

maryland lionhead breeder

Myla Goldberg (harlequin doe) – Myla gives both amazing face fluff and always surprise color to our line; Erynn is still learning more about the harlequin genetics with every litter.


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Margaret in Captivity (blue VC doe) – Margaret is a home-grown doe.  Her father is Thor and her mother is Khaleesi.  She adds small size and more diluted color to our line.


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The Mighty Boosh (siamese sable doe lionlop) – Is it a dog?  Nope… it’s a lionlop!   Boosh is the only rabbit in our breeding program that is not pedigreed and we rarely breed.  That said, when she is bred, her babies are usually some of the sweetest pets that allow you to hold them like a baby.  They are never fussy as newborns and do as momma Boosh says.  Boosh has also taken in fosters and has done an amazing job with them.  Boosh just adds an element of fun to our line.