The Rabbits

BEW lionhead breeder

Anomaly Rabbitry is considered a blue-eyed-white (BEW) Lionhead breeding facility.  In breeding BEWs, you cannot breed BEWs without the Vienna-Marked (VM) gene.  VMs are not a showable color for lionheads, however, they make beautiful pets, sometimes having white markings and blue eyes.

We are very clear about which rabbits are VC (possible Vienna Carriers).  Some of our lines have VCs and some of them have no Vienna in them at all.  Please read all details about the babies you are interested in.

See our About page to read about our “genetic” project, and our breeding intentions.  We do not breed year round.  We currently have litters that will be ready by March 27, 2016.

Our Does




Our beloved blue-eyed-white doe.  This doe is simply gorgeous.  Her confirmation is lovely.  Her weight and ear size are within breed standards.    Her pedigree shows weights between 3 lbs, 1 oz, and 3 lbs, 9 oz.


Luxury Comedy Dolly

Dolly is a sable doe (her white nose is not VM, but Otter/Marten – she will typically throw one Otter/Marten color in her litter).   She is pedigreed – however, I made the mistake of not acquiring her pedigree when we purchased.  I am trying to track down her pedigree so that we can add it to ours.




Blue Girl

She is a single-maned doe that is a beautiful blue color.  While not one of our show quality does, she will produce some beautiful pet quality lionheads.  She may even have a harlequin gene, and we are anxious to see what she produces.



The Mighty Booshlionlop-breeder-maryland

The Boosh is simply incredible.  She is a siamese sable doe and a sweet-tempered docile lionlop that you can hold like a baby.   We will only be breeding to the pedigreed lionhead bucks to create 3/4 lionhead, 1/4 lionlops for some unique pets.


Our Bucks



seal-lionheadStormageddon Dark Lord of All

Stormageddon is a blue-eyed VM black buck.  Another with excellent confirmation coming from a pedigree of small lionheads.  We have noticed something very odd about his offspring – they are quite neat freaks and every one of them have been just like him, litter trained easily.






Thor is a small Black Torte.  He has a wonderful pedigree and such tiny ears and a ton of fluff.    He was formerly shown.





Big Chief Whoolabum Boomalockaway

Who wouldn’t love to see Big Chief’s name on a pedigree ;)  Big Chief will be ready for spring 2016 breeding.  He is out of Dolly and Stormageddon – a chocolate VM with blue eyes.   He is smaller than his siblings and simply gorgeous.




We are expecting four litters at the end of January 2016, ready for last week of March delivery.

Thor and Blue Girl – We expect beautiful VMs (white markings with potential blue eyes) and VCs.   Ideal for pets.  (Will provide pedigree on sire’s side)

Thor and Khaleesi - We expect very small and beautiful VMs and VCs.  Ideal for pets or for BEW breeding programs who wish to add “small” to their line.  (Will provide full pedigree)

Stormageddon and Boosh – We expect small and beautiful super incredibly fuzzy docile lionlops.  Ideal for pets or if a BEW breeding program would like to add some more “fluff” to their line.  (Will provide pedigree on sire’s side)

Stormageddon and Dolly – We expect another beautiful group of VMs and VCs as she had this past fall – Sables and chocolate expected.   Ideal for pets or for BEW breeding programs.  (Will provide pedigree on sire’s side)


blue eyed white lionhead