We are a family owned and operated small rabbitry in Northern Maryland.

We breed both pet and show quality lionheads (and occasionally lionlops).

As a mother and daughter team, we’ve developed a responsible breeding program, breeding a limited amount per year.

The mother half of the team takes care of funding of the facility as well as the website and photographing the  happenings….


lionhead vienna geneThe daughter
half of the team works hard to make sure that all rabbits are healthy and happy.  She is also studying genetics and will be wrapping our rabbitry up into a capstone on the Vienna Gene for her agricultural magnet school.

We work to keep our rabbits socialized.  Newborns are handled daily from the first few days until they find their new homes.



Please feel free to ask any questions, and we will do our best to answer as quickly as possible.  You may also follow the Anomaly Rabbitry Facebook Page, for updated pictures.

About Colors

We typically expect to see the following colors:

Sable, Siamese Sable, Black Torte, Black, Chocolate, Blue-Eyed White

However, we are very clear which lines contain the Vienna gene (the vienna gene is what creates white or blue eyes in rabbits – similarly to the paint gene in horses – at this time, vienna markings are not permitted in showing lionhead rabbits, unless they are blue eyed white – BEW).  We document the following in our pedigrees:

BEW – Blue-Eyed White  (BEWs result from breeding two VM or VCs together or breeding two BEWs)

VM – Vienna Marked – This is obvious white markings or blue eyes that can be observed

VC – Vienna Carrier – This means that in the pedigree, there are VM rabbits.  This indicates that the rabbit potentially carries the Vienna gene even if you cannot see it.  Future breeding could result in a Vienna-marked offspring.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the newborn bunnies available for purchase?  No, we have first decision on all litters as to which ones we may keep for our breeding program, and then we will open up purchasing to the public.

What are your prices?  Depending on the litter, they will be priced from $35 to $75.

Who do I contact?  Email us at or  We do have a First Money – First Bunny policy as it is very difficult to keep track of requests.

Can I put a rabbit on hold?  Yes;  it requires payment in full.

Can I place an order for a future litter?  Absolutely.  This will allow you first choice of the litter (after us of course).

Do you accept Paypal?  No.  We only except cash or cashier’s check.  Email us for details.

Are all the rabbits pedigreed?  Every rabbit has at least half of a pedigree.  Some have a full pedigree.  Right now, only the kits from Stormageddon and Khaleesi or Thor and Khaleesi are fully pedigreed.   Dolly’s kits will have half of a pedigree, even though she is pedigreed herself – we did not obtain her pedigree, and I am trying to track it down.

Do you ship rabbits?  No, I don’t ship; however, you can pay a courier type to pick up your rabbit and travel to you.  Please discuss your requirements, and we may be able to make an arrangement.

I see your Rabbit Facility – You keep them outside?  *gasp*   Yes, we do.  The best place for your rabbits, indoor or outdoor, is wherever they are getting plenty of interaction and are kept healthy and safe.  Our rabbit house is climate controlled and tended to daily.  We are constantly working to improve, and will be adding on – you can watch our progress here – we will eventually be adding a play area and edible garden (limited and monitored of course).   We use an air conditioner in the nasty hot summer months and a heater in the extra cold months.  Other than that, during the nicest parts of the year, we love to leave the windows open and let a breeze through.  We feel fresh air is healthy and important.  We feed them pellets from our local feed store and fresh alfalfa or timothy grass.

We have enough animals in this world, why would you breed?  I know, I get it.  My daughter and I are quite the “rescuers” as well.  Not that we need to tell you our life stories, but how many people have spent $3,000 on an elderly rescued horse’s surgery just to make him comfortable in his last years?  Yeah, been there done that!   My daughter is the kitten foster mom of the century!  Check out her rescuing adventures here…  Erynn is one of the most giving and loving animal moms I have ever seen.  We have made sure that each and every one of her orphan kittens have wonderful homes, just like we do for our rabbits.  We are realistic and don’t make our rabbits simply live to breed.