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Lionhead Rabbits

Long time no post!  Yes… it has been an interesting year.  I will be blogging more about it on my personal blog.   Erynn will be taking over much of everything for the next batches of baby lionhead rabbits.  She had been caught up with her end of senior year activities.

Here are the baby bunnies that we have ready to go to their new homes now.

All are pedigreed lionhead rabbits – some are out of Dolly and Joffrey and some are out of Myla and Joffrey.  (I will be updating the blog as well here shortly as we have some new breeding does and bucks to post updated pictures of.

Some of these are not available (I’m waiting on two decision to be made which I think are over the harlequins) – so check with me at if you are interested.

First up – the does.


This is a harlequin doe that is blue base (she is diluted).

harlequin lionhead rabbit blue base

harlequin lion head rabbit

harlequin lionhead rabbit dilute

This is a regular harlequin doe

harlequin lionhead rabbitharlequin lionhead rabbitharlequin lion head rabbit


This is a blue tort doe

blue tort lionhead rabbitblue tort lion head rabbitblue tort lionhead


This is blue magpie doe

magpie lionhead breeder marylandmagpie lionhead rabbitmagpie lionhead maryland


This is (teddy bear) sable point marten

teddy bear lionhead rabbitsable point marten lionheadsable point marten lionheadteddy bear lionhead



This is sable point buck

sable point lionheadsable point lion head rabbitsable point lionhead rabbit


This is a sable point marten buck

sable point marten lionheadsable point lionhead rabbitsable point marten lionhead


This is


Lionhead Babies for Sale – Maryland

Our Spring 2016 litters are ready to go!   I’m not showing every last one here because we have quite a few, but this is a taste (and count) of what we currently have.  We are in Northern Harford County Maryland.  Please contact me at to schedule a time to meet up (I do occasionally meet in other areas as well for pickup).

Price is $40 or (2) for $70.

red eyed whiteThis is a red-eyed-white.   They are super fluffy and these ones are 1/4 lop and 3/4 lionhead (same with the chinchilla colored below – affectionately called “Boosh Babies” as their mom is the Mighty Boosh – all others are full lionheads with pedigrees).

Red-eyed white from the side – they have really interesting pink eyes.  We have does and bucks in this color.




chinchillaThis is a new color for us – Chinchilla.  This is a doe lionlop – super cute and super fluffy. (VC)

chinchillaregAnother chinchilla color… we love the ears.  This is a buck (VC)

fawnThis is another new color for us – fawn.  We have two bucks that are fawn.  They have nice round faces and hair almost completely covers their eyes.

black vm small faceThis is a buck –  pedigreed lionhead vienna-marked with blue eyes.

blue tortVery cute face – this is our only blue tort.  Buck.  Very cool color.  Pedigreed lionhead.

bewBlue Eyed White pedigreed lionheads – we have two bucks, two does.

black tort


Black Tort pedigreed lionheads – we have two bucks and one doe.

bluefawnLast but not least – another new color for us.  Pedigreed blue fawn doe.  What a great color!


….again, contact or text 443.299.2752 to schedule a pickup or a look!









Lionhead Rabbit Babies

We are a lionhead rabbit breeding facility located in Northern Maryland.  We service the areas of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, and West Virginia.   We do not ship our rabbits, but you are welcome to road trip our way by appointment!


While we do not breed every doe year round, we do typically have something available or we can tell you a date when we are expecting.   Check out what we are expecting here.

Below, you will see two of our litters that we photographed at approximately two weeks old.  We do breed for pet and show quality depending upon what we are working on at the moment.  Prices range from $35-$75 depending upon what is produced at the current time.

We typically expect to see the following colors:

Sable, Siamese Sable, Black Torte, Black, Chocolate, Blue-Eyed White


However, we are very clear which lines contain the Vienna gene (the vienna gene is what creates white or blue eyes in rabbits – similarly to the paint gene in horses – at this time, vienna markings are not permitted in showing lionhead rabbits, unless they are blue eyed white – BEW).  We document the following in our pedigrees if they apply (we do not always breed with vienna genes):

BEW – Blue-Eyed White  (BEWs result from breeding two VM or VCs together or breeding two BEWs)

VM – Vienna Marked – This is obvious white markings or blue eyes that can be observed

VC – Vienna Carrier – This means that in the pedigree, there are VM rabbits.  This indicates that the rabbit potentially carries the Vienna gene even if you cannot see it.  Future breeding could result in a Vienna-marked offspring.